About Me

Hello, I'm Brett Vachon, a guitarist passionate with both the Classical and Fingerstyle guitar genres. I also love teaching guitar and finding the best way to help students improve their guitar playing and technique.

I started making Fingerstyle Tutorial videos and posting them to Youtube in 2016. This is when I noticed that, although there are lots of tabs available online, most of them had lots of mistakes. Also there weren't any good explanations to go along with them.

A Better Way to learn Fingerstyle Guitar

In the process of teaching fingerstyle guitar arrangements, I‘ve compiled a list of techniques that I consider essential to playing fingerstyle guitar in the style of Kpop guitarists.

This course, called Play Fingerstyle Guitar Now! introduces the basics of fingerstyle guitar technique to give you the skills necessary to tackle more complicated fingerstyle songs.

The course is broken down into five modules which tackle the essentials for playing Fingerstyle Guitar

Focus On Acoustic

This course was created with a focus on the unique challenges that are presented by the Acoustic Guitar. I have spent a lot of time playing the classical, acoustic and electric guitars and I am familiar with the difficulties inherent to each of those instruments. I will show you how to tackle the common challenges faced by players of the acoustic guitar.

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