On this site you will find resources to learn finger picking and courses to help you learn fingerstyle guitar.

  • Master thumb and finger independence
  • Discover how to do basic percussion
  • Find out how to create fingerstyle arrangements
  • Get started with advanced finger picking guitar

About Me

I'm Brett Vachon, and my goal is to help you learn fingerstyle guitar. I started making tutorial videos and posting them to YouTube in 2016. My high quality explanations of songs by Sungha Jung have helped thousands of people learn and master fingerstyle guitar songs.

I want to help you transform your fingerstyle guitar playing, from plucking just a few notes to playing fluent songs. On this site, you'll find dozens of free resources to help you improve your fingerstyle guitar technique.

Or, if you're looking for everything in one place, be sure to check out my premium course, Play Fingerstyle Guitar Now!

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