What Are Cookies?

Cookies and comparable technologies consist of tiny text files or pieces of code containing a unique identification code. When you visit a website or use a mobile application, your computer or mobile device may be prompted to store this file and grant access to information.

Why We Utilize Cookies

Cookies ensure that while browsing our online shop, you remain logged in, items remain in your shopping cart, transactions are secure, and the website functions smoothly. They also provide insights into website usage for improvement purposes. Additionally, our cookies may be used to deliver targeted advertisements based on your preferences.

Types of Cookies We Employ

Necessary Cookies

These are essential for proper website functionality, enabling actions such as storing items in a shopping cart, saving cookie preferences, maintaining language settings, and managing portal logins.

  • Store articles in a shopping cart for online purchases
  • Save your cookie preferences for this website
  • Log in to our website. We need to check whether you are logged in.

Performance Cookies

These collect statistical data on website usage, aiding in performance and optimization.

Functional Cookies

These enhance website functionality, potentially including live chat services, online video viewing, social media sharing, and social media login options.

Advertising/Tracking Cookies

Set by external partners, these track user data across various websites for profiling and advertising purposes. Acceptance allows us to display ads on other sites tailored to your preferences and track ad engagement for campaign optimization.

Managing Cookies

You can opt out of all non-essential cookies. Browser settings can be adjusted to block cookies, with most browsers offering guidance through their help function. However, disabling cookies may limit website features and impact user experience.