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Here Are The SubscribeStar Tiers Available

  •   (tip jar) This is just if you want to make a small donation. This gives you access to the messaging section and some posts.
  •  Bronze tier - Get access to all my fingerstyle guitar tabs through a dropbox link. As a bonus, get help with fingerstyle guitar through the messaging section.
  •  Ruby tier - Get access to all the premium content above, including a monthly live Q&A sessions where you can ask your pressing guitar related questions and get real-time responses.
  •  Sapphire tier - For serious guitarists - Get bi-monthy one-to-one coaching as part of this tier, including access to all of my live streams and exclusive content. Every month, I'll review your progress and provide tailored advice. You'll receive constructive feedback on your techniques and performance, helping you to improve faster.

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