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Understand Notation Effortlessly with This Guide

I'm Brett Vachon and I get questions from students asking me what the symbols in the tabs mean. This guide will help you understand what to play from the tabs, without ever having heard the song.

Maybe this happens to you: You come across someone who posts a tab of the song you want to learn, only to find that it's far from 100% accurate.

I'd like to show how you can understand tab notation effortlessly, and give you crystal-clear explanations on how to play intricate fingerstyle guitar techniques.

If you're happy being totally confused with the tabs instead of creating beautiful fingerstyle guitar music, then you can leave now.

 But, if you'd like to fully understand exactly what the tabs are telling you, get this resource right now.

Brett Vachon is an experienced guitar tutor

The Fingerstyle Guitar Notation Guide

This 14 page PDF will help you understand fingerstyle guitar tab notation.

  •  Get in-depth explanations on how 10 techniques are notated in both standard and TAB notation
  •  Discover what's missing from normal tab notation (not just the notes)
  •  Insights to performing all types of harmonics

PLUS! Get the FREE fingerstyle guitar notation cheat sheet - all the examples in one three page document

  •  Clear explanations for 10 different fingerstyle guitar techniques
  •  Tips for difficult techniques and what they look like in the tabs
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There’s even a rock-solid guarantee: I am backing your purchase personally with my 14-day money back guarantee.

If you find that this resource doesn't meet your needs in any way, then you can ask for a refund and I will give you your money back. No questions asked.

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Fingerstyle Guitar Notation Guide

$7.00 each

Fingerstyle guitar notation guide and bonus cheat sheet.