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Hi, I’m Brett and tell me something:

Have you ever been rejected?

That’s how I felt once, before I started playing fingerstyle guitar.

I started playing classical guitar when I was 8. My parents sent me first to violin, then piano, and finally guitar lessons. 

And truth be told, I would actually poo-pooh the other styles of music because I thought they were inferior. 

I thought that way, until I was rejected from that world.

This didn’t happen with guitar, mind you. You see, I wanted to be an orchestral musician.

So, I auditioned to a large musical school to learn French horn.

And I totally bombed on the audition… That day, my dreams of being a professional orchestral musician went right out the window.

Master fingerstyle guitar with this complete course by Brett Vachon

That sucked.

But, there was always the guitar. My first instrument.

 So, I went back to university to study guitar performance, again with classical guitar.

I learned a lot about music and guitar performance during my time there. But once everything was done…

I realized Classical Guitar just wasn't the centre of my musical focus.

And the other styles of music, such as rock or heavy metal, just didn’t interest me.

Then one day, when I was advertising guitar lessons in a local café, a client saw my poster and told me to check out Tommy Emmanuel.

I said, Who?

Remember, I was largely ignorant of other musical styles outside of Classical guitar…

So that evening, I watched his video of Pink Panther and..

It was awesome!

Here was the acoustic guitar, but like it was supposed to sound..

It was my coming home moment, if you know what I mean

I decided to dedicate myself to learning fingerstyle guitar.

Even though I was an expert at classical guitar, I still had to learn a bunch of new techniques to play fingerstyle guitar.

For instance, I had no idea you were allowed to slap the guitar…

At the time, my harmonics, rasgueado and tapping techniques needed improvement

But one by one, I began mastering these techniques. 

As I was learning these skills, I realized most people were probably learning them backwards.

You see, I started with the fundamentals, in Classical guitar, which gave me solid right and left hand technique.

But I saw a lot of courses out there that teach you “percussive fingerstyle guitar” or something like that.

And these courses just assume you’ve got perfect technique, when the reality is that this is usually not the case.

Moreover, most of us don’t have 16 hours a day to perfect Travis picking like Tommy Emmanuel did..

And I didn’t even tell you the worst part about it

I came across a lot of tabs online that are just plain wrong. 

In reality, most tabs that you can find online for fingerstyle guitar kind of suck. 

Because, the person making the tabs wasn’t 100% sure of what they were transcribing.

For instance, if you don’t have a solid understanding of tempo and meter, a concept that I cover in my course, your tabs will have glaring mistakes.

This is why the tabs that I come across are far from 100% accurate.

But let’s get back to technique.

So, if you are self-taught, you may have skipped past the basic fundamentals.

But I want you to not get stuck at a certain level.

Let's go over some common reasons why you can get stuck 

  •  Your right hand technique isn't correct. This makes playing repeated notes or fast arpeggios really hard!
  •  You haven't learned an advanced technique, like harmonics or rasgueado, that you need to learn a song.
  •  Your playing doesn't sound clear, clean, or loud enough. 
  •  You have trouble playing a certain passage quickly or getting it to sound clean. 

Master the Key Concepts and You Will Improve 10 X

I want to help you identify these common problems and master playing fingerstyle guitar. This is why I created the course Play Fingerstyle Guitar Now!

The course grew out of a need to help fingerstyle guitarists play songs by Youtube stars like Sungha Jung and Eddie Van Der Meer.

I have helped thousands of guitarists improve their fingerstyle guitar technique through my YouTube channel. See some of their comments here.

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Introducing... Play Fingerstyle Guitar Now!

The Online Fingerstyle Guitar Course That Will 10x Your Guitar Playing

My goal is always to help you understand the intricacies of fingerstyle guitar and develop your own unique playing style. 

That's why I've put everything together in one convienient online course.

In Play Fingerstyle Guitar Now! you will learn exactly all the skills that you need to play fingerstyle songs. I have created exercises and songs that show how to build up your skill set.

More importantly, you'll learn how to recognize bad habits in the first place so you don't get "stuck".

If you are self-taught, this course will help you by covering all the basic techniques.

This course aims to be a comprehensive guide to learning to play Fingerstyle Guitar.

Here Is What You Will Learn In The Course 

  •  In Module 1, you will learn basic Left Hand and Right Hand technique. You will learn the foundations of fingerstyle guitar and master basic finger picking patterns
  •  In Module 2, you will learn about reading and writing music. This crucial module will teach you how rhythm and meter works, as well as how to read tablature.
  •  In Module 3, you will learn to play real fingerstyle songs. You will master your first chord melody arrangement using a Japanese melody, Sakura.
  •  In Module 4, you will practice essential fingerstyle guitar techniques, such as barre chords.
  •  In Module 5, you will learn percussive effects. You will also discover how to use them in your arrangements and songs.
  •  In Module 6, you will learn the essential, but more advanced fingerstyle techniques. You will get tips on how to master enhancing rasgueado and tapping, as well as palm muting, and much more.

I start with the basics, to make sure that you haven't missed anything in your learning.

Next I progress quickly into learning real fingerstyle chord melody arrangements, to get the ball rolling.

Finally you will learn the advanced techniques that you need to know to play Fingerstyle songs.

By now, you must have noticed that most courses aren't quite this specific.

If you never develop true finger independence like what I show you in my class, your playing will suffer.

So, here’s what we’re going to do.

I don’t want you learning how to do 157 different types of guitar percussion without first getting a solid handle on the basics.

So, I’m thrilled to get you started learning Fingerstyle Guitar with Play Fingerstyle Guitar Now.

Brett Vachon is an experienced guitar tutor

You're Going To Get Access To All This 

  •  A comprehensive, step-by-step approach to learning fingerstyle guitar
  •  Expert guidance on mastering the fundamentals and advanced techniques
  •  How to transform your existing guitar skills into fingerstyle mastery
  •  Strategies for overcoming obstacles and breaking through Plateaus
  •  Lifetime access to course materials, including video lessons and PDFs
  •  And more!

Plus, after signing up for the course you will also have access to bonus documents 

  •  A transcription of the entire course as an Ebook in PDF format
  •  Tab transcriptions of all the examples included in the Ebook

You will also be able to test your knowledge after each lesson with multiple choice questions to make sure you understand the course material.

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Keep In Mind... My "No Questions Asked" Money Back Guarantee Ensures You Face Absolutely No Risks

Satisfaction by Flaticon

There’s even a triple guarantee: I am backing your purchase personally with my 14-day money back guarantee.

If you don't think the course material is well-structured or easy to understand, you’ll get a refund

If the course doesn't meet your expectations in any way, I will refund you.

Just send me an e-mail within 14 days of signing up and I will refund your purchase, no questions asked.

In fact, let me show you exactly what goes down if you do decide to request a refund. Here is an e-mail I received one afternoon from a customer who wanted a refund.

A screenshot of an e-mail showing a refund request

Even though I was on the road, out of town and on the way to a kid's birthday party, I immediately logged into Stripe and initiated the refund.

A screenshot of my Stripe account showing the refund I made.

As you can see, even if you decide that you’d rather use your money to pay for a Yoga class instead of becoming a fingerstyle guitar whiz, I’ll give you your money back. I'm flexible!

Here's What You'll Get After Purchasing The Course

  •  Over 15 video lessons in UHD format
  •  Multiple choice quiz at the end of each lesson to test your understanding
  •  An Ebook version of the course in PDF format
  •  Transcriptions in standard notation and tablature of the musical examples

Get Instant Access To The Course Right Now

My primary goal is to help you become a confident and proficient fingerstyle guitarist.

The going price for such a course would normally run in the hundreds of dollars. In fact, I’m going to go ahead and say this program costs $497 because of the value that I put into it.

But my mission is to help guitarists like you master fingerstyle guitar and become un-stuck.

So, the price today isn’t $297 or even $197.

You will get access to all the course materials for just $97.

Most of this material would cost upwards of several hunded dollars for personal coaching.

If you were to hire a personal tutor to get training for the material in this class, the cost would be even higher.

Today, I am giving you access to this high quality course at a fraction of the price.

Once you click the green button, you will come to the checkout page where you will create an account.

It’s crucial that you enter the correct information here, in order to be able to properly access the course materials.

Afterwards, you’ll go to the payment page where your payment will go through a totally secure payment gateway.


You probably think it’s OK to stumble around in a few spots when playing fingerstyle guitar.

But I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way.

With the right training and guidance, you can overcome these hurdles and truly master fingerstyle guitar.

Imagine being able to fluently play complex fingerstyle arrangements, and even create your own unique compositions. Imagine having complete control over your playing, and the admiration of fellow guitarists and audiences alike.

Take your fingerstyle guitar playing to the next level and impress everyone around you with your newfound skills.

Unlock your true potential by investing in this comprehensive fingerstyle guitar course and become the guitarist you’ve always dreamed of being.

So here’s what’s going to happen after you press the green button.

You’ll be taken to our members-only area where you will have access to the first course.

And what I want you to do is watch the first course right away.

It’s an introduction to fingerstyle guitar, and I show you some tips that I don’t share anywhere else. So, no heavy lifting, but it will inspire you to go further.

Now, let’s go a week down the road…

  • A week later, you’re able to effortlessly play basic fingerpicking patterns and chord shapes
  • Incorporate bass and melody lines into your fingerstyle arrangements

Fast forward a month, and you'll see even more progress!

  • Mastery of harmonics, rasgueado, and tapping techniques
  • Confidence in building fingerstyle arrangements from scratch

And by the end of the course, you'll have achieved 

  • A deep understanding for creating rhythmic percussion patterns
  • Effective techniques for learning your own fingerstyle songs

The transformation in your fingerstyle guitar skills will be extraordinary. I’m sure of it!

So, start right now by clicking the button below.

 How is the course different from Youtube?

On Youtube you may find some tutorials that assume you know how to play certain techniques. In this course I have structured everything so as not to skip over any details, particulary those which cause problems later.

 Can I follow this course if I'm a Total Beginner?

Yes absolutely, although you will have to learn some basic chord shapes before starting this course. I recommend using some free resources or scheduling a private lesson to get you started with the basics. Afterwards you can jump straight into the course material.

 I've been playing guitar for several months. How can this course help me?

If you are self-taught and have been playing for some time, I recommend going through the beginning and making sure you can play fluently the exercises presented. Afterwards you can progress to the higher numbered courses. Sometimes correcting small details can create a huge difference in your playing.

Play Fingerstyle Guitar Now!

$97.00 each