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Gurenge is a Japanese song composed by LiSA for the animé Demon Slayer. Fingerstyle Guitarist Sungha Jung created a challenging arrangement of this piece. In this three-part tutorial, we will break down the different sections of the song and provide tips on how to play them effectively.

You can access the tablature to this song by clicking here.

Part One - Introduction, Interlude and Verse 1

The first part of the tutorial covers the introduction and the interlude of the song. The interlude played immediately after the introduction part features power chords played with palm muting, which creates a driving and rhythmic feel. To play this riff, make sure to angle your hand correctly to strum with palm muting. 

When doing Verse 1, you will have to pay special attention to the slides and position changes Always look where your destination fret is before you get there.

Part Two - Chorus and Verse 2

The second part of the tutorial covers the Chorus of the song. This section is up-beat and contains many difficult chords. To practice this section, try slowly repeating each measure. Focus on clean and precise playing and don't increase the speed until you can accurately perform all the position changes.

Part Three - Middle Eight and Outro

The third part of the tutorial covers the middle eight and outro. This section the easiest part of the song to play, in my opinion. To play this section, keep the melody fluid and your hand position relaxed.

To access the tablature for this song, click here.