I've selected these songs by Sungha Jung based on their popularity and musical variety. Here is my pick of the Top 5 fingerstyle songs by Sungha Jung.

If you follow me on Youtube, you have likely come across my tutorials that teach how to play songs by Korean fingerstyle guitarist Sungha Jung. There are over a dozen tutorials, but I've selected five of my favourite songs by Sungha Jung.

Top Five Fingerstyle Songs by Sungha Jung

Here is a list of the top five songs that I have both covered and created tutorials for.


I have to start with Felicity because I love the youthful energy of this song. The song makes use of an open tuning allowing for plenty of use of open strings. I also enjoy the variations in the whole piece - the energetic parts full of drive and the calmer, more quiet parts.

Listen to my cover of Felicity by clicking here.


This classic song is heavily influenced by the flamenco style and the rasgueado. You can hear the flamenco in the Andalusian cadence that forms the harmonic basis for the whole song.

Listen to my cover of Flaming by clicking here.

The Milky Way

Among the songs in DADGAD tuning by Sungha Jung are the song “The Milky Way” and “Sprint”. I chose this song over Sprint because I think the melody is more beautiful. Although Sprint is a fun tune, it too closely resembles Felicity in my opinion.

Listen to my cover of The Milky Way by clicking here.


There are some songs that you always return to and that you can’t seem to forget. One of the songs that really stick wioth me is the song “Gravity”. The other Sungha Jung song is Riding a Bicycle, probably because that was the first song by Sungha Jung that I transcribed and learned to play.

I’m including it in my list of top five songs because of the variety in the melodic lines but especially due to the tapping section in the bridge.

Listen to my cover of Gravity by clicking here.


We’ll finish off our list of Top Five songs with a more calm and pensive song, the song “Siesta”. This song shows Sungha’s expert use of Jazz harmony without his typical rhythmic thumb slap. It’s nice to hear a Sungha Jung song without these elements. He also plays this song on a classical guitar, which is rare for him but something that I like to do.

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