Man playing guitar to a group
Playing fingerstyle guitar is a great way to impress your friends

It’s been fashionable for quite some time for creators to upload arrangements of animé songs for their instrument. The most popular seem to be piano, violin and guitar. Here is why you should choose the guitar.

Fingerstyle guitar is an amazing instrument to learn for several reasons.

Fingerstyle Guitar is the best instrument to play beautiful, flowing music.

First, it allows you to play multiple parts at once, giving your music a more full and rich sound. This can be especially useful if you're playing solo, as it allows you to create the illusion of a full band even if you're just playing by yourself.

The guitar is versatile. 

The guitar is a versatile instrument. There is a huge palette of sounds and colours and even percussive effects that you can play on the guitar. Additionally, fingerstyle guitar can be incredibly expressive, allowing you to add nuances and subtleties to your playing that can be difficult to achieve with other playing styles. 

In contrast, the violin and piano are more limited in the changes in timbre. The piano is far more limited in timbre, but makes up with the ability to play more notes.

There are lots of styles you can learn on the guitar, including but not limited to: Classical, ragtime, tango, samba, blues, bluegrass, gospel, pop, new age, flamenco, gypsy, R&B, funk, and heavy metal. All these styles are characteristic of guitar music. Certain styles and effects such as bends or slides sound great on the guitar. Violinists are far more entrenched in certain other styles such as celtic music or classical.

Fingerstyle Guitar is Warm and Intimate

The Guitar is a warm and intimate instrument. If you are somewhat shy like me, you appreciate the intimate sound of the guitar. Versus, say, the trumpet where when you blast that instrument, everyone in a kilometre radius knows you’re playing.

The guitar is a warm sounding instrument. It’s up to us as guitarists to master the technique, however.

The Guitar is More Challenging

This can be more of a disadvantage. But the guitar presents certain challenges. If you find that the piano is too easy to play, you may want to consider the guitar. The guitar is a portable instrument that you can take with you and practice. Guitars are affordable and ubiquitous.

Learning fingerstyle guitar can be a great way to improve your overall guitar technique, as it requires precise finger control and coordination. Overall, fingerstyle guitar is an incredibly rewarding instrument to learn, and can open up a whole new world of musical possibilities.

Whatever style you choose to play with guitar, you will have to learn the basics of technique. Here is how you can get started with warming up.

When Should I Learn Fingerstyle Guitar?

You can start learning fingerstyle guitar straight away, after learning to play some basic chords. I recommend starting with the course Play Fingerstyle Guitar Now!