Start learning the technique to play a fingerstyle song by Sungha Jung

From his unique playing style to his signature songs, guitarist Sungha Jung has inspired guitarists like myself to learn his songs and master the art of fingerstyle guitar.

Sungha Jung creates both original songs and covers. Study his technique to get a solid introduction to fingerstyle guitar. Here is how to get started playing guitar like Sungha Jung.

Why learn guitar like Sungha Jung?

If you are interested in playing K-pop or Animé songs, then Sungha Jung probably has a cover that you can learn or get inspiration from. You will most likely come across an arrangement that you will want to learn. You will be able to learn the arrangement faster if you have these techniques.

Here are the steps to learning Guitar like Sungha Jung.

Step 1: Learn proper right and left hand technique

You should have the basics down before tackling a song by Sungha Jung. This includes having your fretting hand placed correctly and your plucking hand independent.

Proper left hand technique can be improved by doing basic chords and analyzing the sound that you make. There should be no buzzing and the fingers should land next to the frets.

Sungha Jung songs place particular challenge on the right hand position. You must be able to play songs by mostly concentrating on what the left hand does. If you watch Sungha Jung play, he only looks at his right hand when doing harmonics. Otherwise the right hand is left to its own devices. You can practice exercises to improve your right hand such as arpeggios.

Next, master the art of synchronizing the right and left hand fingers. Once all those exercises are down pat, it’s time to move on to step number 2.

Step 2: Choose a song

Next you will need to choose an original song or a cover by Sungha Jung. If you are not too picky, I recommend going for a cover song first.


The reason being that his original songs (the latest ones, anyway) tend to be more technically demanding. They have fast licks, and include special techniques such as slap harmonics and tapping. Some songs even use alternate tunings. You will have to master those on top of everything else.

The other reason is that his original songs are somewhat less well known. This is one reason why I have been producing mostly tutorials of his cover songs as of 2022.  

Don’t get me wrong; I think his original music is great and worth learning. 

I have a variety of tutorials available on my website for Sungha Jung original songs or his animé arrangements. Why not get three free animé arrangements to get started?

Step 3 – Find Accurate tablature and start learning

This step used to be really tricky. But now that Sungha Jung has official tabs posted by his Korean publisher, for a few bucks you can get accurate tabs and start learning.

If you don’t learn a song by tablature, you will have to do a lot of listening. Learning a song by ear includes breaking down the song into individual sections and learning those seperately.

Once you have the tablature, start learning the song. Use my technique of learning the sections of the song individually.

For instance, you will practice and learn the Chorus first. Then you move on to practicing the prechorus.

After you have the individual sections down pat you can move on to doing a complete run through of the song. This ensures you haven’t missed any important sections. Pay attention to variations – not all choruses are exactly the same!

Next Steps To Take After Learning to Play Guitar Like Sungha Jung

That’s it! By now you should have taken steps to memorize the song. You can now perform the Sungha Jung original song or arrangement for your friends. Check out five of Sungha Jung’s top tunes to learn.