Brett playing fingerstyle guitar in the park

Hi, I’m Brett Vachon and my goal is to help you learn to play fingerstyle guitar.

Back when I started learning guitar at the age of 8, my parents sent me to music lessons where I learned how to play classical music, read music and eventually learn music theory. These lessons were great and gave me a solid understanding of guitar.

I went on to continue studying guitar and mastering guitar technique. However, there was something missing.

Some guitarists seemed able to make the instrument or play music that I had never heard before in Classical Guitar.

There was a whole world of guitar music out there that I needed to explore but didn’t know how.

Players like Andy McKee who broke all the rules and did things like tune their guitar in strange tunings and whack on their instrument to produce percussive sounds.

I started to really explore the genre when I was looking for new material to play busking in Old Montreal.

I thought it strange and out of place to play Classical Music in a context where I could get more attention with popular music. Flawed logic, perhaps, but nonetheless.

I started researching fingerstyle arrangements on YouTube and eventually came across Tommy Emmanuel. Around this time I noticed comments from people who were asking for Fingerstyle Tutorials on certain Fingerstyle songs.

I found that with my experience composing and transcribing music, coupled with my knowledge of guitar technique, that I could help out other players master these fingerstyle guitar songs.

So I set out to create a transcription and then a tutorial video for “Pink Panther” by Tommy Emmanuel. It took me ages! But finally after three days of filming, I published my first tutorial video.

The next song that I tackled was “Riding a Bicycle” by Sungha Jung.

I immediately added this song to my busking repertoire. Here was a guitarist who managed to blend all the best parts of fingerstyle guitar without sounding too overwhelming.

I’ve kept going, and I became faster at transcribing, learning songs and creating videos. 

One day while practicing I stared out the window and in a flash, got an idea to put all of this knowledge together in a single course. So I decided to create a course specifically for learning Fingerstyle Guitar.

P.S. If you haven't seen already, you can find the course on this website and other tutorials on my Youtube page.

I hope you find the content useful in your path to learning and mastering Fingerstyle Guitar!

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